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The 3 R’s ..

The adage The Three R’s is getting more n more popular and it almost might seem like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” should go without saying in the time to come. Most of us have only really heard the last part of the phrase, and they’re ranked in order of importance. But there are several steps we should consider before recycling. Reducing the amount that we consume, and shifting our consumption to well-designed products and services, is the first step. Finding constructive uses for “waste” materials is next. If it’s broken, fix it don’t replace it! If you can, return it to the producer (especially electronics). Obviously the next n last step is Recycle the old suff in a proper maner.
Through a balance of these three principals you can easily see your landfill-destined waste dwindle fast. A good example of recycling is setting your empty water bottles in the bin on the curb. Using a water filter and reusable container you can reduce your need for disposable plastic bottles. Thinking about our Planet is very important a way of Good Karma ..

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