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Does garbage come to your mind when I say Waste? Waste, in layman’s language, can be defined as useless. One, it is literally, the material waste- like waste paper, waste of fruits etc. The other, is something you are not making use of. Wasting time. Idling around and not doing either anything productive or satisfactory. We can also think of waste as unnecessary. Wasting money on something we don’t require. One thing that we never think about is how much we waste every day. Even if you eat all your food, you do leave the vegetables from the chowmein you ordered. You sip water from a bottle and throw away the rest. Seeing excess oil, you waste bread pakoras, while in someone’s house these things would mean luxury. Even if you work hard all day, you waste time–thinking what more could have been, sleeping an extra hour which leads you to get late, or even sitting sleepily in the washroom. You waste money throwing a party rather than giving a snack to a beggar. What if we tried to make the best out of waste. Wasting is inevitable but how much you reduce it, is up to you.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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